Space App  

Current Version: 1.02

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We are pleased to announce our first iPhone application, SpaceApp.

SpaceApp is a comprehensive reference to the entire human spaceflight program, covering the launch programs of the US, USSR/Russia, China, Europe, and Japan.

Space App has information on missions, projects, crews, and vehicles. Data included covers areas such as the launch and landing dates, flight duration, destination of the flight, the disposition of the spacecraft, number of orbits, and orbital data.

All data is completely cross-referenced: click on a flight, get information about a flight.  


Then if you scroll down to see the crewmembers on the flight and click on a crewmember, you can get a bio for that crewmember.  



The astronaut's bio contains all the flights flown by that astronaut. So you can continue exploring indefinitely.  


Optionally, more technical data can be presented in a "Space Nerd" mode. Units are customizable, so users can opt for British or SI. In addition, various modes of flight are customizable, so universal conventions can be used, such as knots for airspeed, or m/s or km/s for space speeds. Up to 11 parameters can be adjusted.  


We also provide a variety of summary statistics. As with all other data, summaries are dynamically computed from a master database.  


If you get confused, we have included a glossary of important concepts.  

Space App is up to date, containing a great deal of original research, going back to official sources. It clears up a lot of misinformation from the Cold War, which is perpetuated on the World Wide Web.

The current version of Space App is designed for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, running iOS 4.2 or later, but runs on the iPad.

Space App is an indispensable application for space enthusiasts, tourists to any space center, students, and to those simply curious as to the broad panorama of human spaceflight, the greatest engineering achievement of human history.