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Covers Boeing, Airbus, and FAA acronyms. It's a useful aid for everyone from student pilots to airline pilots new to an airliner to casual enthusiasts wanting to decode the alphabet soup of acronyms in an aviation magazine or novel.


Operationally focused, covering the terminology in common use in the US military aviation services, including the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. It also contains a healthy collection of collateral acronyms used by associated ground forces. The databases included also cover the myriad of terms associated with command structures, NATO, and Space Command. There is also a unique "Slang" section, which covers a great many informal terms that have fallen into common use. This section also includes the slang terms for various kinds of aircraft (e.g., F-16 as "lawn dart"). Lastly, there is an "Aircraft Ident" database, with the official US common names and their designators.

This is an invaluable aid for pilots, ground support personnel, and anyone else dealing with military aviation, including enthusiasts. Can also help a lot when reading a military-spnovel.


Covers some 15,000 acronyms from the Apollo and STS eras, as well as terms used by ArianeSpace, Boeing, Energia, and the USAF Space Command.

Invaluable for anyone visiting a space museum, NASA facility, tour directors, astronauts, and students of space flight.

  Comprises the databases of the other three aps. All may be activated, allowing fast searches through all the databases.

Current Version: 1.01

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Current Version: 1.01

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Current Version: 1.0

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Current Version: 1.0

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The databases in detail:

Aerospace Acronyms
Flight Acronyms
Military Aviation Acronyms
Space Acronyms


Military Aircraft Identification
Flight Core
Military Aviation
Military Commands
Sea Launch

Military Slang
Space Command
Tech Core


The databases are clearly presented, showing the acronym, definition, and which database it came from.

You can search by entering a term, or just thumb down to the approximate location and scroll.



The databases may be configured through a convenient Settings function, allowing one to select the specific type of information you're interested in at the time.


The current version of the Acronyms suite is designed for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, running iOS 4.2 or later, but runs on the iPad.

The Acronyms are indispensable applications for aviation, space, and military aviation enthusiasts, tourists to any space center, students, visitors to the ISS, civilian and military aviators, and astronauts. Yes, astronauts.





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