Customer Feedback

"Any pilot from the beginning pilot to the most experienced commercial pilot with many flight hours would find the FSS accident data base extremely helpful. We should and can learn from the aviators who were un-fortunate enough to be involved in an accident be it minor or major. We should realize that no pilot or crew purposedly causes an accident. All accidents are caused by a sequence of situations not purposely caused by the pilots. FSS has done a fantastic job in gathering the accident reports and placing them in a very usable data base." -- Captain Robert Bragg (Pan Am/United -- retired )

"I'm very impressed with it. I feel it's a real bargain. Some reports from the NTSB are more than the price I paid for it." -- Robert Deason

"Wow, for someone that reads accident reports 'til he drops, this was made for me alone. Well done !!" -- Captain Nick Louis, UAL (retired) , Chairman, Airline Pilot's Historical Society.

"I can't imagine the number of man-hours involved in the project, but I think you have a great product there. I had a fascinating time revisiting old issues..." -- Captain Dave Goodman, EAL (Retired)

"This will help save lives. Every pilot should own this... the browser alone is fantastic." -- Captain Steve Holbert, 737 pilot.

"This is a monumental work, and I highly recommend it for your library." -- Mark Ingram, international 777 pilot

"Slicker than goose shit!" -- Captain Jim Irving, UAL (Retired)

"This compilation is a "must have" for anyone doing research." -- Pete Mellor, lecturer in software reliability.

"Seductive. Once I started exploring events I wanted to know more about, I found it engaging to look at other similar events. NTSB should adopt this way of doing data. Excellent learning tool." -- Captain Jim Messina, international 757/767 pilot