2006-03-10Noxious fumes, Boeing 757-236, G-CPET, March 10, 2006
2006-01-10Ground collision on pushback, Boeing 777-236, Heathrow, G-ZZZC, January 10, 2006
2005-12-15Ground collision between a Boeing 767-300ER and a Boeing 737-924, Houston, December 15, 2005
2005-12-07APU fumes, BAe 146-200, G-JEAW
2005-11-24Ground collision, Airbus A319-111, G-EZEU, Nottingham East Midlands Airport, November 24, 2005
2005-11-06Ground collision between a Boeing 777-200, N781AN and an Airbus A340-300, TC-JDK, at London Heathrow Airport, November 6, 2005
2005-10-10Collision with de-icing truck, Airbus A319, Denver, October 10, 2005
2005-08-29Ground collision between an Airbus A330 and DHC-8-202 at Portland, August 29, 2005
2005-08-25Collision with passenger terminal, Fokker 50, Cardiff, OO-VLQ
2005-08-03Ground collision between two Airbus A320s, Denver, August 3, 2005
2005-04-25Collision with loading bridge, Boeing 737-282, Denver, April 25, 2005
2005-03-06Sudden-stop injury, Boeing 757-232, March 6, 2005
2005-03-01Left MLG fire on landing, Boeing 777-200ER, AP-BGL
2005-01-08Collision between Boeing 737-724 and snow plow, Gunnison, Colorado, January 8, 2005
2004-12-15Runway excursion while taxiing, ATR 72 (EI-RED), Galway, December 15, 2004
2004-11-04Collision between Boeing 767-204, G-SATR and Boeing 737-37Q, G-ODSK, Manchester, while taxiing
2004-07-14Ground collision between Airbus A340-313, 6Y-JMP and Boeing 777-222, Heathrow, N781UA
2004-06-30Ground collision, Airbus A319-114, Manchester, June 30, 2004
2004-04-21Collision with taxiway while parking, Boeing 747-436, Heathrow, G-BNLG
2004-03-05Ground collision between two Airbus A320s at Denver, March 5, 2004
2004-02-29Runway incursion between Airbus A321-211, G-SMTJ and Boeing 737-2E7, EI-CJI, Manchester
2003-12-22Loss of steering on a slippery taxiway on the Easyjet Boeing B737-700, registration G-EZJM, at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on 22 December 2003
2003-11-14Ground collision between Boeing 767 and Boeing 737-800, Manchester, 5B-DBX
2003-10-07Ground collision between two Boeing 777s, San Francisco, October 7, 2003
2003-10-07Ground Collision, Boeing 777-281 JA-709A, and Boeing 777-22B, N222UA, San Francisco, October 7, 2003
2003-10-07Ground collision between two Boeing 777s, San Francisco, October 7, 2003
2003-10-07Ground Collision, Boeing 777-281 JA-709A, and Boeing 777-22B, N222UA, San Francisco, October 7, 2003
2003-08-24Failure of left main gear, Boeing 757-223, August 24, 2003
2003-06-23Torching of engine on start, Boeing 757-232, June 23, 2003
2003-04-22Ground collision with tug, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, Denver, April 22, 2003
2003-04-16Cabin smoke evacuation, McDonald Douglas DC-9-82, April 16, 2003
2003-02-11Runway excursion, Skyservice Airlines Inc., Airbus A320-212, C-GJUP, Windsor, Ontario, 11 February 2003
2003-01-30Runway excursion while taxiing, Airbus A340-311, G-VSKY, at Heathrow
2002-12-16Near ground collision, Incident involving aircraft HB-JAY and SE-ISR at Stockholm/Arlanda airport, AB County, Sweden, on the 16th of December 2002
2002-12-07Nose gear cylinder failure while taxiing, Boeing 747-367, AP-BFV
2002-10-27Near-miss with tractor, Incident involving aircraft LN-RPL and a tow tractor at Stockholm/Arlanda airport, AB County, Sweden, on the 27th of October 2002
2002-09-22Main landing gear collapse during taxi, Douglas DC-9-32, September 22, 2002
2002-09-14Ground collision following braking failure, Incident involving Boeing B-747-300 aircraft, registration TF-ATH, at Madrid-Barajas Airport on 14 September 2002
2002-09-13Ground collision between Boeing 777-223 and Boeing 737-823, Miami, September 13, 2002
2002-05-11Ground collision between a Boeing 757 and Boeing 737, Chicago, May 11, 2002
2002-04-28APU cabin smoke while taxiing, Boeing 777-236, G-VIIU
2002-03-17Ground collision between a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 and MD-11, Anchorage, March 17, 2002
2002-01-25Takeoff from a taxiway, Airbus A340-300, B-18805, Anchorage, January 25, 2002
2002-01-20Ground collision between a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 and tug, Dulles, January 20, 2002
2001-12-27Ground collision, Final Report by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau on the collision on the ground between Crossair AG AVRO RJ100, HB-IYX and TAM, Brazilian Airlines Airbus A330-200, PT-MVB on 27 December 2001, 19:39 UTC Zurich Airport
2001-09-23Collision with wing walker, Boeing 757-222, September 23, 2001
2001-08-16Runway incursion, two Boeing 737s at DFW, August 16, 2001
2001-04-09Ground collision between a Boeing 767 and Boeing 737, Boston, April 9, 2001
2001-03-23Wing walker injuries, Boeing 727-200, March 23, 2001
2001-02-03Ground collision between Boeing 737-832 and McDonnell Douglas MD-81, Boston, February 3, 2001
2000-12-13Ground collision, Douglas DC-9-31 and Airbus A340, Chicago O'Hare, December 13, 2000
2000-12-03Loss of nosewheel on Ryanair Boeing 737-204 at Dublin Airport, Ireland, on December 3, 2000
2000-10-23Ground collision between a Boeing 727-214 and Bombardier CL-600 Regional Jet, La Guardia, October 23, 2000
2000-09-10Failure of wheel and tire assembly, Boeing 727-224, September 10, 2000
2000-07-02Collision with boarding gate, Boeing 737-49R, Orlando, July 2, 2000
2000-06-05Ground cabin smoke, Final Report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau concerning the incident of the airplane Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9-83, HB-IUM on 5 June 2000 at Geneva Airport
2000-05-20Assault on flight attendant and self-evacuation, Boeing 737-500, May 20, 2000
2000-04-28Near-miss, Boeing 747-436, G-BNLY and Airbus A321, G-MIDF
2000-03-24Ground collision between a McDonnell Douglas MD-88 and Boeing 727, Boston, March 24, 2000
2000-03-01Collision with loading dock, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, Newark, March 1, 2000
2000-01-15Collision with tug, Airbus A321-200, January 15, 2000 at Dublin Airport
1999-12-17Ground collision between a Douglas DC-8 and DC-10, Indianapolis, December 17, 1999
1999-12-15Runway incursion, Incident at Vaasa airport, Finland, on 15 December 1999
1999-11-27Collision with ground tug, Boeing 727, Flushing, November 27, 1999
1999-10-15Collision with walkway, Airbus A320-231, Phoenix, October 15, 1999
1999-09-03Ground collision between bus and MD-83, HB-INV, Dublin Airport, September 3, 1999
1999-08-23Landing gear strut separation, Boeing 727-200, August 23, 1999
1999-07-24Collision with jetway, Boeing 757-2G7, Phoenix, July 24, 1999
1999-06-29Ground collision, Boeing 767-323, Chicago O'Hare, June 29, 1999
1999-06-06Ground collision between Boeing 747-SP, F-GTOM, and Boeing 747-4FGB, N751PR, Los Angeles International Airport, June 6, 1999
1999-05-12Collision with air bridge, Boeing 737-500, Dublin, Ireland, May 12, 1999
1999-04-02Aircraft collision with fuel truck, involving a Boeing 737-200, EI-CKR, at Dublin Airport, on 2 April 1999
1999-01-22Injury to headsetman at pushback of Boeing 737-200, EI-CKP at Dublin Stand 9, January 22, 1999
1999-01-19Tailpipe fire, Boeing 747-100, January 19, 1999
1999-01-06Engine failure, McDonnell-Douglas DC10-30ER, C-GCPH
1998-12-26Tailpipe fire, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, December 26, 1998
1998-11-30Collision with crane, Boeing 747-400, HL???, JFK,November 30, 1998
1998-11-11Ground collision between a Boeing 747-400, HL741 and Ilyushin IL-62 RA865, November 11, 1998
1998-11-08Runway excursion involving a Boeing 767-300, OE-LAU, at Shannon Airport, Ireland, on 8 November 1998
1998-09-29Tailpipe fire on start, Boeing 747-400, 9M-MPD
1998-09-02Ground collision with fuel truck, Douglas DC-9-30, Philadelphia, September 2, 1998
1998-08-08Ground crewman injury, Airbus A320-231, August 8, 1998
1998-08-08Taxi through drainage ditch, Boeing 727-2Q8, August 8, 1998
1998-07-17Smoke emergency on ground, Boeing 727 F (Freighter), N6815
1998-06-17Ground Collision between Boeing 737-322 and truck, Denver, June 17, 1998
1998-04-29CO2 incapacitation, Douglas DC-8-51, 1998-04-29
1998-03-08Engine fire, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, N68065
1998-02-21Jet blast injury, Boeing 737- 200, EI-CNZ, 21 February 1998
1998-01-06Collision with tug, Boeing 727-223, Philadelphia, January 6, 1998
1997-12-19Emergency evacuation due to fumes, McDonnell Douglas MD-80 ,December 19, 1997
1997-12-07Pushback flight attendant injury, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50, December 7, 1997
1997-10-01Ground Collision between Boeing 727-51C and crew bus, Denver, October 1, 1997
1997-06-26Galley elevator injury, Lockheed L-1011-385-1, June 26, 1997
1997-05-11Engine fire, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, G-NIUK, May 11, 1997
1997-03-27Wing walker injured by nosewheel, Lockheed L-1011, March 27, 1997
1997-03-01Collision with overpass, Boeing 757-2S7, Denver, March 1, 1997
1997-01-27Nosewheel failure on landing, Boeing 757-225, G-OOOV, 27 January
1996-12-05Ground collision between tug and McDonnell Douglas MD-80, Anchorage, December 5, 1996
1996-09-09Brake fire after landing, Boeing 747-467, VR-HUE, 9 September 1996
1996-07-16Pilot incapacitation, ATR42-300, G-BXEG, 16 July 1996
1996-06-19Electrical failure, Boeing 767, June 19, 1996
1996-06-15Retraction of gear on ground, Boeing 747-121
1996-06-06Ground collision between a Boeing 737-322 and Boeing 767, San Francisco, June 6, 1996
1996-03-27Ground Collision with construction equipment, Boeng 727-225, Memphis, March 27, 1996
1996-02-20Ground collision between two Boeing 757s, Fairbanks, February 20, 1996
1996-02-20Smoke emergency and evacuation on ground, Airbus A300B4-605R, February 20, 1996
1996-02-20APU fire on ground, Boeing 767, February 20, 1996
1996-01-27Broken wheel and damaged slat on takeoff, Boeing 737-400, PH-BDU, 27 January 1996
1996-01-23Ground collision, McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and Boeing 747-243B, PP-SPE, Miami, January 23, 1996
1995-11-23Ground collision, Airbus A340, A40-LB and Boeing 757-236, G-BIKG, Heathrow, 23 November 1995
1995-07-28Ground collision between a Boeing 737 and Cessna 401 at Dallas Love Field, July 28, 1995
1995-05-19Ground collision between a Boeing 737 and Boeing 767, Newark, May 19, 1995
1995-04-02Engine fire, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, April 2, 1995
1995-03-12Ground collision between a Lockheed L-1011-385 and a Shorts SD3-60, San Juan, March 12, 1995
1994-11-22Runway Collision involving Trans World Airlines Flight 427 and Superior Aviation Cessna 441, Bridgeton, Missouri, November 22, 1994
1994-08-19Headset operator injury, Boeing 757-200, August 19, 1994
1994-01-01Panicky passenger-initiated evacuation, Boeing 767-322, January 1, 1994
1993-09-02Complete hydraulic failure, McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-82, september 2, 1993
1993-07-25Ground Collision between Boeing 747-368, HZ-AIS and Aerospatiale ATR-42-300, N242AT, John F. Kennedy Airport, July 25, 1993
1993-01-10Emergency evacuation, McDonnell Douglas MD-82, January 10, 1993
1991-02-01Runway collision of USAir Flight 1493, Boeing 737 and Skywest Flight 5569 FairChild Metroliner, Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California, February 1, 1991
1990-12-03Runway Incursion and Collision, Northwest Airlines, Inc. Flights 1482 and 299, Detroit Metropolitan/Wayne County Airport, Romulus, Michigan, December 3, 1990
1986-11-06Aircraft Accident Report, Piper PA-23-150, N2185P and Pan American World Airways Boeing 727-235, N4743, Tampa, Florida, November 6, 1986
1983-12-23Runway Collision, Korean Air Lines, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, HL7339, Southcentral Air Piper PA-31-350, N35206, Anchorage, Alaska, December 23, 1983
1979-02-15Aircraft Accident Report, Near Collision of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Boeing 727-200, N467DA, and Flying Tiger, Inc. Boeing 747-F, N804FT, O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois, February 15, 1979
1977-03-27Ground collision, Collision between KLM Boeing 747 PH-BUF and Pan Am boeing 747, N737PA at Los Rodeos (Tenerife Norte) on March 27, 1977
1975-12-16Taxiway excursion in icing, Japan Air Lines Co., Ltd., Boeing 747-246, JA8122, Anchorage, Alaska December 16, 1975

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