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Title:Smoke emergency, Final Report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau concerning the incident with the aircraft Boeing 737-500, G-MSKB on 12 August 1999 at Geneva-Airpor
Micro summary:Hot engine oil penetrating a pneumatics bleed triggers a smoke emergency and evacuation.
Event Time:1999-08-12 at 1155 local
File Name:1999-08-12-CH.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB)
Publishing Country:Switzerland
Report number:1710
Site of event:FL370 on descent to Geneva
Departure:Birmingham International Airport, West Midlands, England
Destination:Geneva Cointrin International Airport, Geneva, Switzerland
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-500
Flight Phase:Descent
Operator(s):Maersk Air UK
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:Saturday, 7 August 1999, Flight British Airways 8412 from Birmingham to Geneva (operated by Maersk Air UK) was initiating the descent from FL370 towards the destination airport when the cabin crew recognized smoke and an acrid smell in the cabin. The commander issued a pan-pan-pan message and started a rapid descent. 12 minutes later the aircraft was landed uneventfully on runway 23 in Geneva. The 40 passengers and the crew evacuated the aircraft via the forward passenger door over the inflated slide. Nobody was injured and no damage resulted to the aircraft

The incident was caused by engine oil, penetrating the air conditioning system through the right-hand high pressure bleed air port, that evaporated and formed a smoke-like aerosol in the passenger cabin.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Cabin or Cockpit Smoke
Operations - Evacuation
Systems - Pneumatics
Close match:Smoke warnings on approach to Shannon, World Airways DC-10-30 N526MD, February 14, 2002


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