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Title:Loss of de-icing boot and fuselage damage, Aurigny Air Services, Fairey Britten Norman BN2A Mk III-2 ‘Trislander’, G-BEVT
Micro summary:A de-icing boot separated from this Fairey Britten Norman BN2A Mk III-2 ‘Trislander, damaging a window and injuring passengers.
Event Time:2004-07-23 at 0637 UTC
File Name:2004-07-23-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/C2004/07/06
Diversion Airport:Guernsey Airport, Guernsey, England
Site of event:Guernsey Airport, Climb
Departure:Guernsey Airport, Guernsey, England
Airplane Type(s):Fairey Britten Norman BN2A Mk III-2 'Trislander'
Flight Phase:Climb
Operator(s):Aurigny Air Services
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:1
Other Injuries:0
Diverted to:Guernsey Airport, Guernsey, England
Executive Summary:Shortly after takeoff from Guernsey Airport, a loud crack or bang was heard in the aircraft?s cabin. The aircraft commander was told by a colleague in the cabin that one or more passengers had been injured and that a cabin window was broken. He decided to return to Guernsey Airport having been airborne for approximately four minutes. After the passengers disembarked the pilot noticed that a de-icer boot had separated from the left hand propeller and was now on the seat inside the cabin, adjacent to the broken window.

The investigation identified the following causal factors:

(i) The accident was caused by the separation of a de-icer boot from the left propeller during takeoff.

(ii) The de-icer boot separated due to peel stresses generated by forces on the propeller. The peel stresses arose because of physical or contamination damage to the adhesive bond which occurred because the required filler material was not used at the root of the de-icer boot.

Two Safety Recommendations were made during the course of the investigation.
Learning Keywords:Systems - Wing or Engine Anti-ice
Consequence - Damage - Airframe or fuselage


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