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Title:Directional control problems, Boeing 737-204 Advanced, EI-CJH
Micro summary:During a no-spoiler landing, two tires burst, creating directional control problems.
Event Time:2001-08-15 at 0620 UTC
File Name:2001-08-15-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/C2001/8/3
Site of event:Approach, Manchester
Departure:Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Destination:Birmingham International Airport, West Midlands, England
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 727-2P1
Flight Phase:Landing
Operator(s):Cayman Islands, Government aircraft
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft was being flown on a scheduled passenger service from Dublin, Ireland, to Manchester, England, with a training captain in the right seat and a command trainee pilot in the left seat. The training captain was the handling pilot. The aircraft had despatched from Dublin with the outboard anti-skid inoperative in accordance with the Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

The weather for the arrival in Manchester was fine with a wind of 060/5 kt, good visibility and no significant cloud or weather. At about seven miles from touchdown on Runway 24R the crew selected flap 15 and armed the speedbrake for automatic spoiler deployment on the ground. Immediately the speedbrakes were armed the SPEEDBRAKE DO NOT ARM warning light illuminated. The crew therefore replaced the speedbrake lever in the DOWN position and briefed for manual spoiler deployment after landing.

The touchdown was smooth and the handling pilot lowered the nosewheel, selected reverse thrust, placed the speedbrake lever in the UP position and applied gentle braking. Immediately after the speedbrakes deployed the left main undercarriage inboard tyre burst and the crew felt a slight swing to the left. As the aircraft approached the runway turn off the outboard tyre on the left main undercarriage also burst and the aircraft slewed more dramatically to the left. The handling pilot passed control to the left seat pilot, who has control of the Nose Gear Steering Wheel, and he attempted to turn the aircraft to the right on to runway turn off "BD". With difficulty the trainee captain turned the aircraft to exit the runway and brought the aircraft to a halt on "BD". After being informed by ATC that there were no signs of fire, the crew decided against carrying out an emergency passenger evacuation and shut the aircraft down on the taxiway.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Training Flight
Operations - Upset - Uncommanded or excessive Yaw
Systems - Flight Controls - Spoilers - Slats - Flaps
Systems - Landing Gear
Systems - Landing Gear - Tires


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