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Title:Engine vibration on approach, Airbus A321-231, G-OJEG
Micro summary:This Airbus A321 experienced significant #2 engine vibration on approach.
Event Time:2002-02-27 at 1718 UTC
File Name:2002-02-27-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/G2001/11/12
Site of event:Approach, Stansted
Departure:Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Destination:London Stansted Airport, Essex, England
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-8AS
Flight Phase:Approach
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:The aircraft was inbound to London Stansted from Dublin on the last of four consecutive sectors of duty for the whole crew. The first officer was undergoing line training during this sector and had been designated the handling pilot.

The aircraft was established on final approach to Runway 23, with the surface wind from 250 at 12 kt, when, shortly after lowering the landing gear, the flight and cabin crew became aware of an increased level of vibration in the aircraft. The flight deck instruments indicated that this was due to increased vibration in the No 2 engine; the peak observed level of vibration was 2.6 units. Although this indication was within the prescribed limit of 4.0 units, the commander instructed the first officer, to use only idle reverse after landing. The touchdown was normal but, shortly after touchdown, the cabin crew became aware of a smell of burning.

During the landing roll, the commander took control of the aircraft, in accordance with standard operating procedures. Because of the reduced retardation during the landing roll, the aircraft vacated the runway at the second 'high speed' exit, Taxiway 'HB' (see Figure 1).
Learning Keywords:Operations - Maintenance
Systems - Engine - Contained Engine Failure
Systems - Engine Fire
Close match:Engine fire, Airbus Industrie A300, July 9, 1998


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