Event Details

Title:Grinding sound on takeoff, Boeing 727-230F, OO-DHY
Micro summary:On takeoff, the crew of this Boeing 727 reported a loud grinding sound and aborted the takeoff.
Event Time:2002-11-19 at 0328 UTC
File Name:2002-11-19-UK.pdf
Publishing Agency:Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB)
Publishing Country:United Kingdom
Report number:EW/C2002/11/04
Diversion Airport:Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire, England
Site of event:Takeoff, East Midlands Airport, Derby
Departure:Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire, England
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 727-230F
Flight Phase:Takeoff
Type of flight:Cargo
Serious Injuries:0
Other Injuries:0
Diverted to:Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Leicestershire, England
Executive Summary:The crew reported a loud grinding sound immediately followed by illumination of the 'engine failure' light. They aborted the takeoff at approximately 30 kt and as the thrust levers were closed the commander was aware of resistance within the No 1 thrust lever system. Subsequent examination revealed significant fire damage centred around the underside of No 1 engine, evidence of penetration from inside the engine casing and a fracture of a second stage low pressure (LP) compressor fan blade at the root attachment. There was no evidence of cowl penetration.

Previous incidents, where JT8D second stage LP compressor blade root fractures have caused the release of a blade from the disk, resulted in a manufacturer's Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) No 5729 requiring an ultrasonic and fluorescent penetrant inspection of all second stage fan blade roots. The fan blades from this engine had been inspected in accordance with the ASB but this failure occurred before a re-inspection was required. A blade redesign is available through implementation of a further Service Bulletin (SB). There have been no reported failures to modified blades.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Bang, pop, crack, sizzle!
Operations - Rejected Takeoff before V1
Systems - Engine - Contained Engine Failure


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