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Title:Crash short, Downeast Airlines, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6-200, N68DE, Rockland, Maine, May 30, 1979
Micro summary:This DeHavilland DHC-6-200 crashed during a non-precision approach (the Nance crash)
Event Time:1979-05-30 at 2055 EDT
File Name:1979-05-30-US.pdf
Publishing Agency:National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Publishing Country:USA
Report number:NTSB-AAR-80-5
Site of event:1.2 mi SSW of airport
Latitude/Longitude:N4402'1" W06906'30"
Departure:General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Destination:Knox County Regional Airport, Rockland, Maine, United States
Airplane Type(s):DeHavilland DHC-6-200
Flight Phase:Approach
Operator(s):Downeast Airlines
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:1
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:About 2055 EDT, on May 30, 1979, Downeast Airlines, Inc., Flight 46 crashed into a heavily wooded area about 1.2 mi south-southwest of the Knox County Regional Airport, Rockland, Maine. The crash occurred during a nonprecision instrument approach to runway 3 in instrument meteorological conditions. Of the 16 passengers and 2 crewmembers aboard, only 1 passenger survived the accident. The aircraft was destroyed.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the accident was the failure of the flightcrew to arrest the aircraft's descent at the minimum descent altitude for the nonprecision approach, without the runway environment in sight, for unknown reasons.

Although the Safety Board was unable to determine conclusively the reason(s) for the flightcrew's deviation from standard instrument approach procedures, i t is believed that inordinate management pressures, the first officer's marginal instrument proficiency, the captain's inadequate supervision of the flight, inadequate crew training and procedures, and the captain's chronic fatigue were all factors in the accident.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Airspace - Non-Precision Approach
Operations - Controlled Flight Into Terrain
Other - Crew Fatigue
Other - Regulatory Oversight
Other - Workplace Culture or Management
Consequence - Hull Loss


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