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Title:Runway overrun, Texas International Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-9-14, N9104, Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado, November 16, 1976
Micro summary:This DC-9 overran the runway after a rejected takeoff following rotation.
Event Time:1976-11-16 at 1731 MST
File Name:1976-11-16-US.pdf
Publishing Agency:National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Publishing Country:USA
Report number:NTSB-AAR-77-10
Site of event:Stapleton runway 8
Departure:Denver Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA
Destination:Houston, TX
Airplane Type(s):Douglas DC-9-14
Flight Phase:Takeoff
Operator(s):Texas International Airlines
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:14
Other Injuries:0
Executive Summary:Texas International Flight 987, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14, crashed after rejecting a takeoff from runway 8 right at Stapleton International Airport, Denver, Colorado. The takeoff was rejected when the stall warning stickshaker activated after the aircraft had rotated for takeoff. When the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft within the confines of the runway, it overran the runway, traversed drainage ditches, struck approach light stanchions, and stopped.

Eighty-one passengers and five crewmembers evacuated the aircraft, which had been damaged severely by impact and fire; fourteen persons were injured.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was a malfunction of the stall warning system for undetermined reasons which resulted in a false stall warning and an unsuccessful attempt to reject the takeoff after the aircraft had accelerated beyond refusal and rotation speeds.

The decision to reject the takeoff, although not consistent with standard operating procedures and training, was reasonable in this instant case, based upon the unusual circumstances in which the crew found themselves, the minimal time available for decision, and the crew's judgment concerning a potentially catastrophic situation.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Controlled Flight Into Terrain
Operations - Evacuation
Operations - Rejected Takeoff after V1
Operations - Runway Overrun
Consequence - Hull Loss


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