Event Details

Title:Cabin depressurization, Westjet Airlines, Ltd., Boeing 737-200, C-FGWJ, Kelowna, British Columbia, 120 nm, NE 12 June 2000
Micro summary:This Boeing 737-200 encountered a loss of pressurization in cruise.
Event Time:2000-06-12 at 1740 MDT
File Name:2000-06-12-CA.pdf
Publishing Agency:Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)
Publishing Country:Canada
Report number:A00P0101
Site of event:120 nm NE Kelowna, British Colombia
Departure:Calgary International Airport, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Destination:Abbotsford Airport, Abbotsford, British Colombia, Canada
Airplane Type(s):Boeing 737-200
Flight Phase:Cruise
Operator(s):Westjet Airlines
Type of flight:Revenue
Serious Injuries:Unknown
Other Injuries:Unknown
Executive Summary:WestJet Flight 35, a Boeing 737-200, serial number 20196, was en route from Calgary, Alberta, to Abbotsford, British Columbia, at about 1740 mountain daylight time. The aircraft climbed to the planned cruise altitude of flight level 310, at which time the auxiliary power unit was shut down. Within minutes, there was a loss of cabin pressurization. The aircraft descended and diverted to Kelowna, British Columbia. The passenger oxygen masks automatically deployed when the cabin altitude reached 14 000 feet above sea level. The cabin altitude subsequently reached about 24 000 feet above sea level before pressurization was re-initiated. The aircraft landed in Kelowna, without further incident, so the oxygen system could be serviced. No injuries were reported.
Learning Keywords:Operations - Checklists/Procedures
Operations - Crew Resource Management
Systems - Pneumatics
Systems - Pressurization
Systems - Pressurization - Bleeds-off Pressurization Emergency


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