Airliner Accident Reports on DVD-ROM

This invaluable compilation is designed to increase safety. Each report provides a case study of the circumstances that lead up to accidents or incidents, the "cascade of failure." Selected for people involved in airline operations, the idea is that by studying past events it is possible to recognize the sequence of minor events that lead to major problems. Some 4,000 reports were reviewed to come up with this final selection of 1,100, chosen for their readability and relevance to modern flight operations.


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  1100 Reports. We've hand-picked over 1100 reports, 30,000 pages of data spanning 1965 through 2006, selecting material of particular interest to airline pilots, maintenance, air traffic controllers, managers, aeroscience students, and researchers. Along with accidents, the compilation includes a huge compilation of events in which good airmanship saved the day.



We've found and included around 220 NTSB reports that are either NOT available on the web, or are only available as very low quality reproductions — making this a $9,000 value!



Reports from 22 agencies. We've gathered reports from 22 agencies worldwide, providing unprecedented ease of access.


Digitally enhanced. Older reports were scanned from the best materials available, then run through custom-designed software that removed artifacts like dust or speckles. Older reports were also run through optical character generation software.*

* OCR software results varies with the quality of the original report.

  Extensive keyword cross-referencing . We've developed and applied over 120 keywords. You can use the keywords to select reports. Each report summary also lists other reports which may be easily accessed.
  PDF organization . We added a standardized table of contents to all reports, via Acrobat's "bookmarks" feature. This allows easy access to report data. We also developed a standardized report naming scheme.
  HTML-Based Browser. It's easy to get overwhelmed with so much data, so we developed a highly effective HTML-based browser, which allows content to be located and reviewed. You can preview it here.  
  Reports in PDF. This allows easy review and high-quality printing, while preserving the typographic intentions of the publisher. And they are NOT encrypted or copy-protected.
  The DVD. In the box, you get a Mac/Windows hybrid DVD with over 4.3 gigabytes of content. You can review system requirements here.  
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