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An issue with an aerodynamic device.

- Spoilers come in two flavors: speed brakes and ground spoilers. Speed brakes panels that pop up from the top of the wing, and are used in-flight to disrupt the lifting ability of the wing. This causes the airplane to be flown at a higher angle of attack, creating form drag, and thus slowing the airplane down. Ground spoilers DUMP lift, causing the airplane to rest fully on the wheels and thus maximize wheel braking. Ground spoilers may be "armed" for automatic deployment on touchdown.

- Flaps increase lift at lower speeds, allowing the airplane to be flown at slow speeds for landing at a relatively shallow pitch angle, which improves pilot visibility of the runway. Full flaps produce a lot of drag and are normally used just prior to landing. Flap panel separation is a persistent issue with larger airliners.

- Slats are part of the high-lift system, devices that protrude from the front of the wing.